Lovey-Dovey Coffee

I’m a sucker for a 50% off sale, and when I saw design-your-own travel mugs on sale at Starbucks, I snatched up two.  I had a lovey-dovey vision for them, but Mike was a little bewildered by my seemingly random gift.

Bewildered Mike

(And yes, that is last night’s Mad Men in the background)

So while Mike stewed over what I could possibly have up my sleeve, I gathered up the pile of post-its that we gave each other for Valentine’s Day.  The orange ones are from me to Mike, and the hot pink ones are from Mike to me.



We each picked our favorites and laid them out on some white paper, cut to fit inside the mugs.  We even added in our favorite photo strips of us.  I tried really hard, but for some reason, mine was just not good.  If this was elementary-school art class, I would have earned a C- at best.  But Mike’s turned out amazing.  The perfect layout on an expertly-cut piece of paper.  Can’t you just see Mike’s quality art specimen on the right mocking my silly attempt on the right?


And I apologize profusely for the quality of the above photo… These mugs are so dang shiny that the only way I could take a semi-decent picture was with the travel mugs laying down in semi-darkness without any flash.  If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday next month, a camera would definitely be a good bet… **hint hint**

So there you have it.  Our love for each other, epitomized forever in a design-your-own travel coffee mug.  <3


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