I Love You Tomorrow, You’re Only a Day Away…

The big move starts tomorrow!  

Since Mike has a full-time job, and I am a full-time student with a part-time job, we will be doing a slowww move.  But I am hoping to light a fire under this whole thing and get it over with sooner, since I’m a little antsy-pantsy.  Mike’s lease ends on June 1st, so our first priority will be moving everything out of his place.  I have a bit more time kicking around on my lease, so we’ll grab things from my apartment before it expires mid-August.  But before we can move anything in, we need to do some serious deep-cleaning, since the house looks like it’s been empty for quite some time.  The landlady has agreed to buy us some white/neutral paint to cover up the terrible dark paneling that’s taken over the house like the parasite it is, so we need to tackle that ASAP.  Hopefully we’ll have some energy after work tomorrow night!

From tomorrow forward, you can count on about one post a day from me.  And Mike has decided to start a weekly post from him called Mike’s Manly Monday (oh em gee, how I love alliteration!).  He’ll be taking suggestions as to what this weekly post should entail (do you want reviews on his favorite ax, advice on how to train an unruly dog, cranky-pants movie reviews?  Let him know in the comments what subjects and projects you’d like him to tackle!).

Your job before tomorrow is to make sure you’re as connected to us as possible.  I’d love for us all to hold hands and spoon, but for now you’ll have to settle for Facebook (like our page here, or friend us here), Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.  So have at it!  

And P.S., I pretty much promise that I will friend/tweet/pin you back!  


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