Zombie Day

Just try and guess how much I slept last night… My body thought it was Christmas Day, circa 1992, and I laid awake squirming all night long. I’ll probably be a zombie today. Cannot wait to get the keys tonight!

In the meantime, I’ve found a ton of furniture and household items on Craig’s List, and will be making the rounds collecting them. First up is a sweet little vintage record player, which I hope to score for less than the $25 asking price.


Anyone have any suggestions for how to refinish it? I’m thinking either stripping it down and adding some rough details, or playing up its super sugary sweet vibe with some cute white paint. Leave your thoughts in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Zombie Day

    • I was thinking almost the same thing! :-) Depending on how the wood looks when it’s stripped, I think I might want to only paint the doors. Possibly in gray, and possibly add some yellow knobs for a pop of color. Maybe eBay will have some cheap Anthro knock-offs!

  1. I actually saw it on Craigslist as well and thought it would make a great project! but seeing as how I don’t have any room in the garage for any more, I had hopped someone would snatch it up!

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