Floor Plans: How I See It

Have you ever heard of Floorplanner?  I’ve been seeing it on Pinterest over and over again for the past year, but last night I suddenly felt compelled to check it out.  I’m pretty sure I’m the last person to discover this, but Floorplanner is pretty darn cool.  So cool, in fact, that the first project you work on is free.

So I decided to make a floor plan of our house.  But before measuring everything, I thought it might be fun to just try and sketch it out from memory.  Well, I think it WILL be fun once I do the actual layout with real measurements and then hold it up it to my imaginary measurements, which I assume will look like some crazy crack den by comparison.  And then after I reveal the real dimensions, I’ll play around with the furniture options and see how we might like the layout.

So I present to you, how I see our main floor:


As you can see, the yard is 3/4 of the way fenced in.  The gray room at the back is the sun-room, attached to it is the den, and then from there you can clearly (hopefully) see the garage, 1/2 bath, and kitchen.  The big L-shaped room with the fireplace is the dining room and living room combined.

From the main floor, you can either go upstairs to the second floor, or go down to the scary basement.  I would rather end this post on a positive note, so I will show you the negative first.  It may not look in shambles from the design below, but trust me, it is.  This is how I see our terrifying basement:


The washer and dryer are in the top right-most corner.  They are older than time itself.  I will take a picture as soon as I have time to clean the basement.  You would seriously judge the situation otherwise.

And as promised, the much more presentable 2nd floor:


The white room is soon to be my walk-in closet, and the little nook area will be my craft corner.  Across the hall is the master bedroom, and next to that is what will be Mike’s office.  The biggest room (tan) is a very creepy attic-y crawl space area.  There is only a teeny tiny cupboard door, so gaining access to this area requires some acrobatic limbo skills.  You can see the “door” below (this picture was taken before we primed the wood paneling):


Someday, I promise I will get up the nerve to take you on a tour of that crawl space room.  Maybe I’ll incorporate the basement as well, and it can be a haunted tour of sorts.  Do any of you have creepy spaces in your homes?  Any hauntings??

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