Mike’s Manly Monday: Landscaping

Remember when Gus ruined the yard?  These sorts of things happen all the time, so I’m pretty good at fixing the problem.

image (12)

First, make sure that you’re in your yard, and that you’re near the grass that’s broken.  Use your knees to get near the ground.


Once you’re down there, take some of the broken grass and comb it near the grass that is not broken.


Carefully place the broken grass on top of the grass that is not broken.  Better yet, weave it into a basket to place on top of the hole where there used to be grass.


Finally, make sure that the hole where the grass used to be is no longer visible.  And BOOM – nachos – it’s like Gus never ripped up half of the yard.


One thought on “Mike’s Manly Monday: Landscaping

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