Knitters and (Almost) Quitters

First and foremost: Jenna is the winner of the succulent giveaway!  Congratulations, Jenna, and I hope you love your new succulents! :-)

Painting sucks.  I quit.  Well, almost.

The walls are pretty close to being done.  At least, I hope they are.  But I just cannot work on them more today.  Or probably even tomorrow.  It’s just too humid to move, let alone paint.  Our central air unit looks like it’s from 1957, when the house was built, so needless to say, on hot/humid days we’re forced to keep the physical activity to a minimum.  Since the walls can’t be finished today, everything is still in the center of the room.  And with everything in the center of the room, it is difficult to work on projects.  So in the meantime, I’ve been knitting.  Knitting a hand towel, to be more specific.


I love knitting while watching TV.  But when watching “involved” shows (like Sunday’s Mad Men), it’s difficult to follow a pattern.  I searched Ravelry, but couldn’t find anything that would keep my hands busy while simultaneously being mindless enough to coincide with TV-viewing.  So I made up the world’s simplest pattern.  All you do it cast on 52 stitches, knit for 6 rows, and then begin the pattern, which is as easy as pie.  You ready?

Row 1: k5, *k2, p2 (repeat from * until 4 stitches remain), k5

Row 2: k5, *p2, k2 (repeat from * until 4 stitches remain), k5

In progress, it should look something like this, which you might remember from this post:

photo (5)

Does yours look something like the pic above?  Great!  Now just keep repeating rows 1 and 2 until the towel is as long as you want, or in my case, until you run out of yarn because you’re too lazy to go to the store and get more.  Then just knit 6 rows and bind off.


But what yarn should you use?  Since it’s a hand towel, you should probably go for anything machine washable and dry-able.  It’s always a good idea financially to work with what you have, so I went with Cotton-Ease Yarn in “Stone” from Lion Brand simply because that was the only yarn I had that would match the bathroom’s color scheme.  The website says 1 skein costs $7.69, but as a self-proclaimed cheap skate, I really don’t believe I would have ever paid that.  I do know I bought it at Jo-Ann fabrics a while back, so it might have been cheaper there, or possibly on clearance.   As for the needles?  I used size 7 needles that I got as a gift from my lovely aunt.


I believe they used to be my Granny’s.  I don’t think they even make them anymore, but I did find a somewhat similar set on Amazon.

Yes, my hand towel is a little too short.  It doesn’t even come close to hiding the maple leaf tile I detest so much.  But it is absorbent and will do until I can knit one a little longer and wider.  And it looks pretty darn good in the bathroom.  Too good, if I may say so myself!


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