Lucky Number 7

Today marks 7 months since Mike asked me to be his girlfriend.  Over 200 days later, I am still the happiest and luckiest girl on the face of the planet.  Well, not including Phoebe, who is just about as lucky as me, since 7 months ago she was united with her BFF, Gus.  Who would have thought that an 8-pounder and a 50-pounder would be the world’s cutest partners in crime?


In order to pay proper tribute to how happy I am, I thought I would start two lists.  The first list encapsulates everything for which I am grateful:

  1. Mike, the love of my life, found me and the Pheebs 7 months agoimage-26
  2. We have the two most loving dogs on the face of the planet
  3. Those two love bugs are super well-behaved (thanks to Mike’s excellent dog training skills)
  4. We have an amazing house to practice on before we buy our own
  5. We both have non-boring jobs that pay the bills
  6. I am almost done with my master’s degree (December can’t come soon enough!)
  7. I have the cutest little nephew, Braylon
  8. Fantastic shows like Dexter, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad exist
  9. I have this blog/diary to help me keep track of how amazing my life is!

The second list is one that Mike asked me to start for him… He wants a “Honey Do” list.  This is how amazing my man is; he actually encourages me to assign projects to him.  I thought that it would be a good idea to put the Honey Do list online so that it can’t conveniently be misplaced:

  1. The trim near the ceiling needs to be painted one final time (at 5’4″, I’m a little to short to reach it, and also a bit of a klutz)
  2. Sometimes the sinks in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom drip for no apparent reason
  3. We hardly ever have hot water upstairs!
  4. The dishwasher does not clean anything on the top rack
  5. Replace the screens that Gus jumped through

I will (of course) be adding to these lists whenever I think of something.  I love lists.  I love lamp.  (Does anyone know when Anchorman 2 is coming out?)

Update: Seriously, how amazing is my life??  As I was writing this post, Mike came home with enough flowers for me to have 8 different vases filled!

<3 Laura

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