Dining In

It’s difficult to get back to blogging after having just come back from the best vacation ever!  The 4 of us spent 8 days in the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan, and none of us wanted to leave.  Just look how excited Phoebe is by the fact that something as great as a beach exists:

We found art, some materials for projects, and a dream to one day move up north where life moves slower, and family is uber important.  We carried that sentiment back to Akron, where we felt compelled to buy a dining room table, so that we can move away from eating in front of the TV, and spend more time together.

I’ve always loved the simplicity of a round pedestal table, so I spent some time scouring the interwebs.  Pottery Barn offered a gorgeous handcrafted option…


…but with the bank-breaking price tag of $1,499, it was a little unrealistic for us.  Target had a similar model, with a much lower cost of $319.  However, I still thought we could do better.


So I took to Craigslist.  I’ve previously spotted about a dozen pedestal tables on there, all listed with prices around $100.  But no matter how quickly I email for more information, the table’s already been snatched up!  Imagine my surprise yesterday when I discovered the perfect solid wood pedestal table listed for only $40.  Yeah, that’s right.  Only 40 one-dollar bills.

But you know me… always looking for a better deal!  After texting with the seller, she agreed to knock it down to the ridiculously amazing price of $25!  I was so excited I could hardly make it through work, and rushed home to grab Mike for table pick-up.

And then… Womp womp.

We realized the 48-inch wide table wouldn’t fit in the 42-inch wide trunk.  Or the 45-inch wide back seat.  So with a heavy heart, I reluctantly texted the seller.  I was sure the table would go to a more fortuitous home.

But this seller just happened to be the nicest person in the world!  She offered to bring it to our home using her own SUV for only $10 extra.  Despite how heavy the table was.  And despite the fact that her boyfriend had a cast on his arm.  And despite the fact that it was absolutely pouring rain.

And that is the story of how we got an incredibly gorgeous, solid wood pedestal table delivered to our door for $35.  In the words of Phil Robertson, “Happy, Happy, Happy.”



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