Weekend Plans

Does anyone besides me count down the minutes left at work until lunch time?  For me, those short 15 minutes are a great time to proof-read posts and de-stress.  Today I lasted until 12:43 pm (even though I started thinking about lunch at 8:01 am).  Would have been a little earlier if my co-worker hadn’t inspired me to keep at it with this cute vintage-looking inspirational quote:


So I’m going to try and be the reason someone smiles by talking about peppier things.  Like the fact that it’s Friday (yay weekend!), or the fact these 22 animal babies are downright adorable, or the fact that at some point yesterday, Makeshift Living hit 1,000 views!  I’m pretty stoked by this small milestone, especially since this blog is all about me professing my love for life, decorating, and love itself.

photo (1)

But sometimes it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.  Projects take forever to come together, and sometimes they go completely wrong.  That has so far been the story of our kitchen/living room/dining room, and why I so rarely show them in their entirety.  In fact, I’ve done almost nothing to the kitchen so far, which is ironic because there is so much to do… Frankly, it’s overwhelming.

But starting tonight, I’m determined to change that!  This is the one weekend in July when we have no plans.  No schoolwork, no traveling, no obligations.  And I guess I’m feeling particularly inspired this week because the first floor is feeling so close to being done, even though it’s actually looking far from it!  Getting these rooms in tip-top shape is absolutely essential since we spend most of our time there, and besides, I’d love to make a video tour for you all!

So stay tuned this weekend!  Anyone have any exciting plans of their own?  Or any “plans” to do nothing at all after a much-too-long work week?  (Amen to that!)


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