Spiders, Not Poop, and Furniture

Good morning!  I’m baaaack!

My over-a-week-long hiatus was part of my quest to enjoy the summer more with my incredibly handsome boyfriend (who just left for a business trip this morning), and our little sweeties (one of which unfortunately has canine influenza at the moment).  Yesterday we went on a 5-mile bike ride and 6-mile kayak trip on the Tuscarawas River in Canal Fulton, Ohio.  It was so beautiful and peaceful.

photo (1)

I joked to Mike that all he had to do to get me to stop talking was to put me in a kayak or on a bike… so I’m getting a bike!  I’m looking to see which cruiser I like best (Jamis, Torker, Schwinn?).  Any of you have any recommendations?

Oh, and I can’t help but show you this picture of the world’s biggest spider, discovered yesterday while kayaking.  If you’re squeamish about spiders, I suggest looking away now, cause this bad boy was about 3.5 inches in diameter!

imageOne last gross picture and then I promise I’ll be done with the rambling.  This is a collection of mushrooms found in our yard yesterday… and it almost looks like dog poo.  I have searched long and hard online, but cannot find the name of these mushrooms and whether they are poisonous.  Do you happen to know?

Not poop!

Not poop!

But on to the important stuff.  While Mike and I haven’t been as busy with the house this past week as we should have been, we have been super productive.  My old apartment is officially cleared out and ready for my lease to end mid-August.  In addition, Mike’s childhood home was sold this weekend, and we helped clean that out.  We made off with a ton of amazing hand-me-downs from his parents, and are slowly working them into our decor.  I will post more on that tonight.

Also, Mike has been hard at work refinishing our dining room table, which was stained a little too red for me.  While Mike is away on business this week, the table will be taking some time out to dry and get ready for sealing.  Look what an expert refinisher this guy is!

photoAmidst all the moving and refinishing, Mike managed to find some time to remove the TV and sound equipment from a console (we think it’s circa 1950-1970?) we bought on craigslist for $20.  My task is refinishing this bad boy:

image (2)Looks like the dogs and I have a busy week ahead!  Want to keep us company while Mike is gone?

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