Oh, Gus…

The weather in Ohio sucks today.  Rain.  Lots of it.  And lots of flooding, too.

My boss was definitely affected by the weather… he was in a particularly bad mood.

Because I had to work all day, I took Gus and Phoebe to doggie day camp.  Turns out, Gus was ABSOLUTELY feeling the bad weather energy, because he went all Kujo on not one, but TWO dogs at doggie day camp.  Apparently his fellow campers, Rowdy and Lilly H, were threatening him by minding their own business.  This is my favorite paragraph from the summary I had to sign.

photo (8)They also made a note that Gus was so active he did not nap today:

photo (9)

So that’s exactly what he’s doing right now!

image (32)

You’re going to have to forgive me, but tonight I am far too cranky to do anything other than read How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan in the bathtub while drinking  wine (please no flight delays tonight!  I need Mike home!).

But I promise that I AM working on painting a bookshelf, and I promise to show you tomorrow how I made some adorable “art” for the kitchen.  We’ve also got some serious organization happening in the pantry right now.  Lots of goodies to look forward to!

Misery loves company, so please let me know if any of you have been feeling the bad juju in the air today!  I hope everyone has a fantastic, restful evening tonight!  And keep in mind, tomorrow is FRIDAY!  :-)

Xo, Laura

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